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“Pol-Skór” – Winner of the “POLISH PRODUCT – Company of the Year 2012” Emblem.

The Competition Jury of the National Central Bureau of Certification rewarded “Pol-Skór” with an exceptional distinction.
We were granted the “POLISH PRODUCT – Company of the Year 2012” Emblem.
The Trade Contests Grand Final Gala will take place on February 25, 2013 in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. It will summarise the year-long certification programme of the National Central Bureau of Certification.
Certificates in all categories are planned to be awarded during the ceremony. The awards, granted by the National Central Bureau of Certification, will be handed in to the entrepreneurs whose strong market position is an example of effective management and skilfully executed investments in business development. We support the National Beauty Contest MISS Poland 2012 The Final Gala of Miss Poland 2012 was held on December 8, 2012 in Płock.
And runner-up was Miss Lodz Region – Ewa Będzia. The pageant was held under the patronage of the Marshal of the Lodz Region and the Mayor of Lodz. Pol-Skór was one of the patrons and co-organizers of the pageant. We were delighted by the presence of the finalists. Winning Miss Lodz Region in such a prestigious pageant is a huge success for both the pageant itself and Lodz in the nationwide arena.



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Pojezierska 90
91-341 Łódź
GPS: N: 51° 47' 58"
E: 19° 24' 58"
Pol-Skór Pojezierska 90 Łódź

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