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“The Polish Army – a Chance for the Enterprise” Congress

A training on how to cooperate with the Polish Army will be held on 7-8 May 2013 at the headquarters of MTL Exhibition and Conference Centre in Łódź, Politechniki street no. 4.
The organizers invite to “The Polish Army – a Chance for the Enterprise” Congress
as part of which there will be:
a conference
on all aspects of procurement for the Polish Army: the conditions, framework agreements, requirements, products and services, plans for the coming years, the special features of products and uniforms.
During the conference experts from: Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, Military Centre of Uniform Service for Research and Implementation and Regional Logistics Bases will hold classes.

Polish Army in particular will discuss the topics related to departments:
· military uniforms supply
· food supplies and kitchen equipment
· supply of fuel and lubricants
· repair services (general information )
Registration for the conference is free of charge until 15 March 2013.

In the second part of the Congress there will be a possibility to present oneself on the Logistics Fairs. There will be an exhibition of the Polish Army with sample products such as uniforms, food rations and others. Exhibitors are welcome to display their products in order to present them to the military logistics services.
Two types of booths can be hired: 6 and 12m².
The advantage of buying an exhibition space is the ability to ask soldiers to present their products.

Lodz International Fairs. Fair Company Ltd.
Lodz Chamber of Commerce
Foundation Surei No Mon
Higher School of International Studies in Lodz



+48 42 640-77-71


Pojezierska 90
91-341 Łódź
GPS: N: 51° 47' 58"
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