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Microbiological tests

Microbiological Tests

Microbiological tests are the response to the needs of today’s challenges of industry and services.

Enzyme assays FlashCheck are a novelty on the Polish market. They detect the presence of live microorganisms in a very short time – 20 minutes. The advantage of these assays is the ease of use, low cost  and a laboratory is not required.

Enzyme assays are the FlashCheck marking system, consisting of a synthetic substrate, which in the presence of the appropriate enzyme, brings about a chemical reaction. This reaction, in combination with the developer, causes color reaction, which occurs directly on the test strip.

FlashCheck are enzymatic assays for the detection of live bacteria directly from the infected place. They are the basic assays used to monitor the cleanliness of the test equipment and the surface of the walls, floor and food surfaces. The detection of microorganisms can be an indicator of potential pathogens.

FlashCheck microbiological assays are widely used. They are used in the food industry, catering, transport, sanitation, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and cleaning companies.

The control of microbiological safety is an important part of any process of food production and transport of consumer products.

The introduction of enzyme assays in your companies will create a
system of the rapid detection of microbial contamination and control of
cleaning effectiveness and efficiency of the disinfectant.

Rapid detection of microbial contamination is the key to safe food production and savings in the company. It helps avoid significant losses associated with secondary infection of the
raw material or the finished product and during transport.

Such systems will significantly enhance the chances of the consumer protection against poisoning.

We offer tests for microbiological cleanliness of surfaces and food :
Test to check the total number of bacteria on the surface and equipment
Test for checking the presence of gram-negative bacteria on the surface and equipment
Test for checking the presence of gram-negative bacteria on food
Test to detect the presence of Salmonella in a liquid sample
Test to detect the presence of Salmonella in food samples
Test for detecting the presence of Salmonella and equipment on the surface


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Rapid tests for fluorimetric detection of Salmonella
Tests for food surfaces
Tests for surfaces
Introduction to testing
Quick enzymatic colorimetric tests EnZquik

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