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Special insulation tapes BAUSET

Special self-adhesive tape made of PE foam with thickness of 3 mm, density 33 kg / m³ is used in construction and repair work. The tape is also available with reduced flammability. It is recommended for the production of sandwich panels and installation of the steel under the plasterboard panels, for bonding profiles fixed on walls, floors and ceilings in order to improve the sound insulation of plasterboard structures, absorbing the vibration and isolating the adjoining surfaces and for sealing the contact points of the roof membrane and patches of rafter framing. It is an excellent material used for different types of seals. It protects against water, air and dust. Also available in version..





  • sealing and leveling of uneven surfaces,
  • muting,
  • filling voids,
  • shock-absorbing protection,
  • protection against the penetration of water, air and dust,
  • protection against electrolytic corrosion,
  • auxiliary in mat mounting;



  • resistance to aging processes
  • impact resistance to atmospheric chemistry (acid rain, the reactions of organic factors)
  • resistance to a temperature of 80-100°C.


Specialty Tapes come in rolls of the following dimensions:

  • 30 mm x 30 mb
  • 50 mm x 30 mb
  • 70 mm x 30 mb
  • 95 mm x 30 mb


- Other (we perform cuttings on customer request)

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